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The Bet

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Down on his luck, Denton bets that over summer he can hook up with every girl he had a crush on growing up. Featuring Diamond Dallas Page, Rowdy Roddy Piper & Jake the Snake.

  • DirectorRyan Ederer
  • Runtime: 1 hr 28 min
  • StudioBalding Penguin;Goldy Jay Productions
  • QualityHD

Reviews about The Bet

The Bet
Amazon Customer
I’ve noticed a Good To Go Tour poster on the wall and an ...

The first thing The Bet made me think of was American Pie, it’s also similar to Van Wilder and Harold and Kumar. I’ve noticed a Good To Go Tour poster on the wall and an Army Of Freshmen poster. I’m pretty good at noticing things like that, I don’t know if there are more references or not but those are the ones I noticed. This if my first time seeing Chris Jay act, he was good.Jenny Dennison

The Bet
Joshua T Burnell
Raunch, 90's-style sex comedy

"American Pie" meets "Van Wilder" with "Porky's" in its soul. Very fun.

The Bet
Patricia A. Hamm
Lot of laughs!

Even though this is not the typical movie I would watch, it still made me laugh and I enjoyed it. It was a good mix of funny and sweet.

The Bet
Chris Murray
Alex Klein is going to be famous.

Super funny. Alex Klein's star is about to launch.

The Bet
Brian Parra
Good times

I had a great time with this movie. If you are looking for Citizen Kane or the next redefinition of comedy, move on. But if you just need two hours of raunchy jokes, hot chicks, and clever dialog all set in an American Pie/Van Wilder-esque universe, try it out. I loved seeing some great wrestling heros and fookin Chuck D. It's cool to see Hollywood outsiders come out of nowhere and deliver a charming gross-out raunch-com with almost no budget. Looking forward to the next project from Jay/Goldberg.

The Bet
Amazon Customer
Hilarious, Raunchy, Good Hearted Fun!!!

You have to see the Bet! A laugh out loud comedy that is the perfect combination of raunchy with a good hearted love story at the center of it all. I highly recommend this film and definitely think the producers Chris Jay and Aaron Goldberg are guys to watch out for in the future to bring us more laughs! Already becoming a cult classic in my mind. 5 stars!

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