Journalist and American expatriate Matt Reynolds forsakes a successful life in Eastern Europe, compelled by a singular obsession: Find the world's best Buffalo chicken wing. Joined by his long-suffering Czech girlfriend, a perplexed Slovak film crew, and a ragtag gang of wing-obsessed misfits recruited online, Reynolds embarks on a quest of epic proportions that spans 2,627 miles and 284 varieties of wings. "The Great Chicken Wing Hunt" is a hilarious documentary that proves the lengths one man will go to find perfection.

  • DirectorMatt Reynolds
  • Runtime 1 hr 11 min
  • StudioFilmBuff
  • QualityHD



Reviews about The Great Wing Chicken Hunt

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Robert J. Nunemaker
Entertaining, but just OK

OK, but too much personal stuff and not enough technical decisioning about the wings encountered. Also, the wings they selected, while good, are no where near the best I've tasted. I've had better at a dozen joints.

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Lori J. Wieszczyk
The Great Chicken Wing Hunt

Great movie!!! This movie is fun for the entire family. Don't miss out on the wing hunt. Matt Reynolds was brilliant and the cast were so much fun.

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Anne D.
This movie is awesome!

I cried out of joy at some points even. It's funny, inspirational, and we made chicken wings right after we watched it, because, you know, we had to. Definitely check this out.

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Mary Jones

was an entertaining documentary. they made me wish i was along for the ride-great idea. they met a lot of interesting people along the way. i would recommend!

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Adam Baddeloo
Great movie for foodies

This is an indie flick about searching for the perfect buffalo wing. Anyone living overseas can understand that there are just certain foods you cannot get while over there; wings are certainly one of those foods.

The hunt covers the NY state area known for wings and they do a great job describing the food and making it enjoyable for the viewer. I would also recommend movies by George Motz, "Hamburger America" is one of my favorites.

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Fun film

Very interesting and entertaining. Would recommend especially if you love wings! Liked how they went to many different places and interviewed som oldtimers on the buffalo wing history.

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Kathleen Marshall
cleverly portrayed quest for excellence

This movie is fun--in concept and in presentation.
And it makes you want chicken wings!! Yum.

I will watch this film more than once. It might become a classic!

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
Best documentary yet!!!

I regret missing this documentary when it came to the Sarasota Film Festival. So I got it when it went to amazon to rent. Love it. Love the concept.
Filming at it finest. :)

The Great Wing Chicken Hunt
The quintessential hunger for food from home

Years ago a friend of mine from Europe, commented that the US had no culinary home food, recognized country-wide. I thought of McDonalds and how a co-worker traveling to Japan practically lived there, but that is not exactly home cooked food.. I also thought of Southern cooking, New Orleans fare and the stews and sausage of Northern NY, but not a specific food, that was nationwide. However this movie reminds me that Chicken Wings are a US invention and I can’t imagine a service-man overseas that might not hanker for them as this journalist did.
So yes this is a universal home food. You can find it in any bar and amazingly even with local variations, relatively close to the original and palatable.

When I first heard of this movie that a friend of mine is in, I thought it was a documentary on competitive eating. However it is much more than that. Yes, it is just a bunch of guys going from place to place, to try to find the best chicken wing, but they captured the spirit of what they were trying to do and they were passionate about what made a good wing. You can see there was some science to it. Would be cool if they did it nationwide, but that’s for a different day.

An enjoyable watch and I plan to go to the place that got the best rating. Don’t watch the show hungry. Or at least have some of your favorite wings while doing so.

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