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The Millionaire Tour

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When traveling salesman Greg Newman gets into a taxi at the airport, he has no idea he's headed for the ride of his life. Two gangsters, Billie and her companion Casper, carjack the cab and lead Greg - at gunpoint - on The Millionaire Tour.

  • DirectorInon Shampanier
  • Runtime: 1 hr 24 min
  • StudioVuguru
  • QualityHD

Reviews about The Millionaire Tour

The Millionaire Tour
Meredyth Lynne
Millionaire Tour? A Million Dollar Film!!! But...

It was written all wrong! I love the whole idea. A brother and sister team hold two people hostage in a cab...the driver and a supposed Holy Water Salesman.Casper played by Dominic Monaghan and Billie played by Agnes Bruckner. Bruckner did an amazing job, but she should've been playing Casper's ex-girlfriend that Casper manipulated to come with him for an unknown reason to the audience. It was obvious to the audience anyway that neither of them could stand one another, but make the audience curious of why Casper had her tag along in the first place. Billie should've been made to look like a bitch and Casper trying to ...

The Millionaire Tour
Sammy Bass

While the implications of shooting the guy driving the car you are in at high speed on a freeway seem lost on this script, The Millionaire Tour still delivers a high octane and suspenseful drama. I was left on the edge of my seat from the start to finish and thoroughly entertained, so what more can you ask for?

The Millionaire Tour
A must-see!

This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I couldn't pause to eat or to use the bathroom - yes, it was THAT good! The plot is based on an ATM abduction - the victim is forced to withdraw as much cash as possible from his accounts until the money runs out. Sometimes the taxi driver will pick up armed criminals along the way to help him on his "millionaire tour". This movie is a definite must-watch and it will be a great addition to your crime movies collection. Oh and I love, love, LOVE Dominic Monaghan in it! Watch it, you won't be disappointed!

The Millionaire Tour
Must watch

The Millionaire Tour is a fast paced movie. I almost held my breath from the beginning to the end. The movie kept me up the edge and wondered what would happen next. I enjoyed this movie a lot. I love Dominic Monaghan, always the best actor. And he surprised me with his outstanding performance once again. Brilliant Criminal story line and perfect choices of actors and actresses. It is a must watch movie and won’t disappoint you.

The Millionaire Tour
Great & suspenseful thriller!

I like Dominic Monaghan and therefore there is no wonder that I also loved that movie! Of course, the other actors are also great.This movie has everything what you expect from any good thriller movie that draws you into it really fast – interesting and intense story plot, great characters, some twists, action, crime, suspense and even humor that enriches the movie.Overall, it’s a great movie and I would recommend it to any thriller fans!

The Millionaire Tour
Amelia Wallace
Engaging Thrill Ride

Ever since his roles in "Lord of the Rings" and in the show "Lost", I've become a big fan of Dominic Monaghan. Monaghan takes on a different role in "The Millionaire Tour" as an unsympathetic criminal. He does a great job of playing a villain despite his previous "good guy" characters. This movie had me completely on the edge of my seat and had me totally engaged in the fast-paced story line. I kept wondering how the cab rider was going to get out of the dangerous situation he was in. The movie includes an original script and good acting from all the characters introduced. Overall an awesome movie ...

The Millionaire Tour
Amazing Movie

The movie was amazing. I enjoyrd it from start to finish. It eas action filled as epic. It had me on the edge, wondering whay would happen next. I love how the storyline took time to develop and it was not just fast paced without any substance. It explored the characteristics personality and everything. I love that when the mobie reached its climax. How intense it was. Was the guy going to get away or was he going to get helled? What was going to ne his plan? Those were some of the questions surrounding my thoughts while watching the movie. Over all this movie was great and recommend ...

The Millionaire Tour
Great Friday Night Movie

I absolutely love Dominic Monaghan - so when I saw he was in this movie, I knew I needed to watch it. As usual, he didn't disappoint! "The Millionaire Tour" was a fast paced movie that will sink it's hooks into you right from the start.Seriously, go to the bathroom and eat before starting this one, because you won't be able to press the pause button.Highly recommend!

The Millionaire Tour
Logan Caine
Loved it

I love a good crime move, and that's exactly what this delivered. It had the right amount of humor, action, and intensity. From start to finish I never left the movie or had a moment where I was pulled out of the story. Of course it gave me an urge to go watch more movies in my crime collection, but that just means it did the job!

The Millionaire Tour
Alex Gold
Seriously and amazing fund

This is one of the most imaginative films I have seen in a long time. I have known about the film for awhile and when I was first told about it, I was like - whoa! Anyhow, the idea is that a guy gets picked up in a cab at the airport and is taken hostage. Simple enough, right? No. Then, the hostage takers go for "the millionaire tour" in which his bank accounts are wiped clean and his credit cards are maxed - but he's the one forced to do it. This actually happens in many emerging economies around the world to this day.Inon ...