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The Pond

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A newly deceased couple arrives in an afterlife that seems a lot like a vacation home. Just as they're beginning to accept and even enjoy their new surroundings they meet an eccentric couple who are hell bent on sharing the amenities. The story that unfolds is a dark comedy examining the unsavory side of human nature as the two couples become consumed with greed, covetousness and revenge, even when faced with the finality of the great unknown.

  • DirectorDan Hannon
  • Runtime: 22 min
  • StudioShorts International
  • QualityHD

Reviews about The Pond

The Pond
Don From Indiana
I loved this film.

Moving, powerful short film.I"m a big fan of shorts, and don't mind paying a couple of dollars for them, but it's often hard to sort out what you're getting in advance so I'll break it down a bit.This is a professionally made, high quality the cinematography, sound lighting and acting is of feature film quality.The story is touching, sad, and uplifting. There's a spiritual theme, but it's not some preachy thing, an emotionally honest look at loss, faith and hope. I checked out the review before I bought the movie, and they are real people who've reviewed other items, some positively and some negatively. The reason they are all ...

The Pond
T. Morgan
A great short film

Well done short film. It's an interesting story and beautifully executed.

The Pond
B. T. Harwood
Nice little short movie

Nice little short movie. Not entirely what I expected either. Certainly worth the price of admission since I can watch it over and over.

The Pond
Anna L. Sullivan
Great Story!

Was very happily suprised with this movie. Will tell my friend to check it out. Well worth the price. Not what I expected.

The Pond
Shari Cashen
Different perspective on life after death

I thought it was thought provoking, another version of life beyond death, angels, and God. A very clever short story.

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