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The Saline

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The Saline River of Central and Southern Arkansas is the last free flowing river in the entire Ouachita Basin. It's free flowing nature lends it to be a beautiful example of the wilds of Arkansas. Join Fossil Hound Dog as we take a journey down the Saline River to explore it's geography, history, and future. Relive the excitement of the steamboat days, see some of the creatures that call the river region home, and enjoy the great scenery from this magnificent river.

  • DirectorRob Reep
  • Runtime: 1 hr 43 min
  • StudioRaptorproductions
  • QualityHD
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Reviews about The Saline

The Saline
Joel Gray

I just completed a viewing of Rob Reep's THE SALINE documentary, and I am deeply moved by his narrative. Full of history and folklore, with interviews of some of those who grew up along its banks, as well as with former Arkansas statesmen--including former Governor, David Pryor--THE SALINE is also an important herald of the ever-present threat that short-sighted men pose to the natural world. From the haunting strains of wind instruments, invoking the long-departed Native Americans who first inhabited the area, to the tales of post-World War II teenagers partying past midnight upon its shores, one cannot but be affected by the story of this beautiful, free-flowing river. ...

The Saline
Terry Kelley
Great history of the Saline RIver In Arkansas

Great documentary and great videos with interviews. Being born in Warren, Arkansas and fishing on the river in my youth, I learned a lot of new things about it history.

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