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The Silent Truth

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Ninety-four US military women in the military have died in Iraq or during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). 'The Silent Truth' tells the story of one of these women, PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson, who was found dead on Balad Air Force Base in Iraq. The army claimed she shot herself with her own M16 rifle, but forensic evidence, obtained by the Johnson family through the Freedom of Information Act, brings the army's findings into question. The Army refuses to re-open LaVena Johnson's case, leaving the family in limbo. 'The Silent Truth' follows the Johnson's pursuit of justice and truth for their daughter.

  • DirectorJoan Brooker-Marks
  • Runtime: 54 min
  • StudioThe Orchard
  • QualityHD

Reviews about The Silent Truth

The Silent Truth
Rose Lynn
A must see documentary!

Sad story and a disgrace for the United States Army to treat a Soldier and thier family in this way! There is a sadistic sexual offender who the Government is protecting! Why? Who has protected Lavena Johnson? Not our government! A must see documentary!

The Silent Truth
Kim B.
Loved this documentary

Such a heart wrenching story! Loved this documentary.

The Silent Truth
More questions than answers.

While I sympathize with the Johnson family, this story seem to be missing some facts, I can't get a clear picture on either side of what actually happened, yes, she spoke of being raped prior to her death and opted not to tell her parents. Was she allegedly raped during the commission of the murder too? Also, she was alleged to have lye poured upon her genitals. She was diagnosed with genital warts, could the creme prescribed for treatment present side effects that made it appear that way? She wasn't distraught or depressed according to her parents but did she withhold that information from them in order not to worry them, she did seem to be very careful about keeping certain aspects of her life from them. There needs to be more transparency here, several big news agencies have backed out of this story for some reason, I believe it may lie in the facts that have not been presented fully.

I'm an Army vet and was the same age as a PFC in a foreign country, I don't doubt there's issues of sexual misconduct, rapes, assaults and cover ups, just not sure about this case until I can see more facts from one side or the other, definitely worth watching.

The Silent Truth
PFC LaVena Johnson

This is great documentary for PFC LaVena Johnson. Hopefully the Johnson family will receive justice for their daughter. It is a shame what happened to PFC LaVena Johnson. This documentary needs more promotion so that more people can be aware of what happened to her and other females that have been tortured, raped, and murdered. There is a petition that can be signed to reopen her case. PFC LaVena Johnson served this country and fought in war and in return they raped, beat, and tortured her. Please sign petition to reopen case here is a link. http://www.change.org/petitions/it-s-time-to-act-now-claim-justice-for-pfc-lavena-johnson

The Silent Truth
Let The Truth be Told and Known

This documentary tries to depict the true accounts of what happened to Army PV2 LaVena Johnson given the lies told by Army investigators and the internal cover-up, I believe to hide embarrassment and save a/some Commander's evaluations and careers. It will go down in American History as one of the most atrocious incidents of injustices that I have heard in all my years of life. I'm truly disappointed in and surprised at the Army for not taking the proper care for this my fallen comrade and her family.

This documentary describes some of the unexplained evidence and shows the Army cover-up. Made me sad and disappointed, but, it is needful for the truth to be told about Army rape of female soldiers. Women beware... according to what is said in the film, statistics show that one in three females who join the Army will be raped. So, looked to your left and your right; one of you ladies will be raped during your tour of duty; be vigilant and use the buddy system always. The documentary says that a sign should be put up over the doors at Army Recruiting Stations that says the same... 1 in 3....

I know I went off topic a little, but this documentary is worth watching... let the truth be told and be known.

The Silent Truth
This movie is amazing! I really hope this family

This movie is amazing! I really hope this family, along with the others mentioned in the movie, get the justice they deserve.

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