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Touch The Wall

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Swimming phenom and multiple Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin was destined for greatness at an early age, but destiny can be a burden. When 4-time Olympic Silver medalist Kara Lynn Joyce joined Missy's teenage swim club, destiny started to become reality. In Kara, Missy finds the older sister she never had; in Missy, Kara begins to rediscover the mojo that made her one of the fiercest sprinters in the sport. Together they train, compete, and support each other as they reach for the highest pantheon of swimming - the London 2012 Olympic games. But as tension with their coach builds, the pool becomes too big for ...

  • DirectorGrant Barbeito,Christo Brock
  • Runtime: 1 hr 41 min
  • StudioBrainstorm Media
  • QualityHD

Reviews about Touch The Wall

Touch The Wall
Fabulous Documentary

I loved this documentary! These girls are fabulous role models, every little girl should watch their journey.

Touch The Wall
Five Stars

Great documentary on the politics and passion of the swimming world. A tear jerker for sure.

Touch The Wall
Amazon Customer

Fun and motivational for swimmers, triathletes or athletes of any kind of ability!

Touch The Wall
Tovah E. Skiles
Story of Two Olympians Rings True

I love that the filmmakers caught the intertwined stories of two Olympians in real time. The juxtaposition of the older and younger Olympians and the strength that they each gave each other seemed too good to be true. Although it was a documentary, in some regards it had the sweetness of a fictional account. And I guess that's what makes this film so special. Highly recommend it for swimmers, or anyone who likes a good story of perseverance and camaraderie.

Touch The Wall
PersonaLaze It
We are a swimming family and it was a nicely done documentary about Missy and see other struggles by ...

We are a swimming family and it was a nicely done documentary about Missy and see other struggles by other people working their way to the top as well.

Touch The Wall
Christopher Brock
An awesome, deeply moving film.

This is an awesome film, and deeply moving. Though it looks like a swim film, it gets much deeper on a major themes - friendship, competition, parenting, winning and losing. And the two stars of the film - the superstar Missy and the veteran Kara - are role models that our world sorely needs. A must see!