Murphy O'Shea (Christopher Martini), an Iraq Veteran, has a hard time re-adjusting to society upon his return from a long tour. His world crumbles when he discovers his father (Gary Swanson), a Vietnam Veteran, is dying. His brother (Max Martini), currently on tour, helps him deal with the crushing news. Follow the story of three Veterans from two very different Wars, struggle with daily life and heal from the wounds of War.

  • DirectorChristopher Martini
  • Runtime 1 hr 31 min
  • StudioFactory Film Studio
  • QualityHD



Reviews about Trooper

Hodge Wood
The best portrayal I've seen of the returning vet's experience!

Incredible capture of emotions faced by a returning Iraq war veteran and his Vietnam-era father, as they both face war's hardships on their health, mind, and soul. Highly recommended for anyone respectful of our returning veterans and moved by drama composed of raw human emotion. I have never seen a better film that portrays the personal battle our vets face behind the scenes and their ceaseless desire to serve and love.

Mickey Fallon
Add the aspect of putting a light on the US using depleted uranium that also infect OUR SOLDIERS and you get the best war film s

A coming home from war flick that illuminates what the guys are going through when they return from Iraq or Afghanistan. Add the aspect of putting a light on the US using depleted uranium that also infect OUR SOLDIERS and you get the best war film since Apocalypse. Obviously it doesn't have that kind of size but what it has is great acting and deep inspection of what is really going on with our veterans. Ask a vet what he thinks of this film and you'll get the same answer. Bravo. Thanks Chris Martini.

Raymond C. Morris
A war veteran remarks on Trooper

With three combat tours in Special Forces I have seen firsthand the affects of war on our returning vets. Most are subtle; like mood swings, binge drinking, etc. Many times they are more drastic, even suicidal. These are sometimes exhibited by both physical and mental health problems, caused by inhuman living conditions and gruesome war scenes that play over and over. I know soldiers who still visit the killing fields of Vietnam and wander the Central Highlands every night of their lives. It took over forty years for our VA and the US government to even acknowledge their plight. Many are still trying to get the treatment they need, and have earned. Trooper correctly captures the anguish these warriors face as they return home after years of serving their country. As I watch it I realize, not much has changed in the way we treat our returning vets. Every last American should see this film by Chris Martini.

Fantastic storytelling by Director/Actor Christopher Martini

Such an IMPORTANT story to be heard about our Troops. Fantastic storytelling by Director/Actor Christopher Martini. Enjoy!

Pete S.
Great story and great presentation

Great story and great presentation. As a veteran it captured the trauma of returning home to an uncertain future. Very insightful movie.

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