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American Chainsaw
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When Jesse gets a call from witch Lori Bruno to make a dragon for, a witch shop in Salem, Massachusetts- he decides it's a perfect opportunity to bring his finisher Missi along since she's been asking for more responsibility and creative input when it comes to the sculptures.

  • Runtime: 22 min
  • Quality: HD
  • Studio: National Geographic Channel
  • Amazon rating: 5

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Reviews about American Chainsaw

American Chainsaw
Russell Ramirez

Everything about this show is awesome. I love the relationship Jesse has with his family. Seeing the process he takes in creating these works of art is fun and interesting. I was so fascinated by the show that I went out, found a log and started chainsaw carving. I recommend this to everyone.

American Chainsaw
jay green
American Chainsaw great T.V. show on National Geographic

I highly recommend American Chainsaw, this show is very entertaining and funny.It is very interesting to see what goes into operating a business using a chainsaw.National Geographic has a hit show. Looking forward to seeing more.