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Andy Griffith Show
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Unbeknownst to deputy Fife, the man he has just written a littering citation for is in fact an escaped convict named Eddie Brooke. Brooke vows revenge against Barney as he is taken away by state police sergeants Johnson and Miller. Sure enough, Brooke escapes again and heads straight for Mayberry. But during the time that Brooke was in custody, Barney Fife's status was raised from deputy to hero. Now it's up to Andy to help Barney maintain his title of 'Mayberry hero' by helping him hunt down and re-capture Eddie Brooke. Brooke is holed up 3 miles from the courthouse in an abandoned barn in the woods. After spotting ...

  • Runtime: 25 min
  • Quality: HD
  • Studio: CBS
  • Amazon rating: 4.5