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Blue's Clues
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Hoop-dee-doo! Celebrate 10 years of Blue with this clued-in bundle of 10 classic episodes. From preparing for the first day of school to visiting Blue's Room for the very first time, each episode will take preschoolers back to 10 special play dates with the lovable pupply.

  • Runtime: 25 min
  • Quality: HD
  • Studio: NICK JR
  • Amazon rating: 4.6

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Reviews about Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues
Hate this show

Hate this show. My 4 year old watches the first couple free seasons, then keeps pressing "watch next show" or however it's worded. Of course they cost $2 each episode. I was refunded for a few episodes but it kept happening. So I just deleted the dang app. I asked if I could put a password on a children's account and they didn't answer. Frustrating but whatever. I've got Netflix & others.

Blue's Clues
Anita Santos
It was a great show. I was babysitting my cousins son for ...

It was a great show. I was babysitting my cousins son for a few hours and he enjoyed every episode. I helped him put the clues together, so we could find out what the Blues Clues riddle was. I'm sure he will continue watching more episodes of this show.

Blue's Clues
Not truly representative

Why even include four episodes of the failing two seasons of this show? A true greatest hits collection would have all shows from the four prime seasons with Steve. If the emphasis is on Blue, then how about continue the show without humans?

Blue's Clues
This is one of my son's favorite Blue's Clue's episodes

This is one of my son's favorite Blue's Clue's episodes. There is a lot of singing. What I really like about Blue's Clue's is all the sign language they do. I didn't even notice that until after taking ASL classes.

Blue's Clues
K. Torrez
Great rediscovery for your little one

This series is one of my son's favorites, and he even wants to dress as Steve and Blue when playing pretend. I think this is a classic, since I remember it from my childhood, and it still holds up.

Blue's Clues
Sarah S
He enjoyed it for a bit

This was actually purchased accidentally by my 2 year old. He enjoyed it for a bit, but would not have necessarily purchased on my own.

Blue's Clues
M. Landingin
Oldies are still available

Even though this was my 15 year olds favorite when she was a kid... It's now my 3 1/2 year olds favorite too! Best part it's available on kindle for download!

Blue's Clues
Not for toddlers. Requires long term thought better for preschooler age

My 2 yr old gets bored easily with it, but it involves more thought and concentration and patience that a 2 yr old can probably handle. My 5 yr old likes it.

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