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Brian Jacque's Redwall
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It is the summer of the Late Rose in Mossflower Woods. Redwall Abbey, the home of a community of gentle mice, voles, otters and badgers slumbers in the warmth of a summer afternoon. However, as the mice prepare for a great Jubilee feast, danger befalls the peaceful world of Redwall.... the rats have arrived at the Abbey walls.

  • Runtime: 22 min
  • Quality: HD
  • Studio: Nelvana
  • Amazon rating: 4.5

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Reviews about Brian Jacque's Redwall

Brian Jacque's Redwall
Solid but not as good as the season with Matthias and Cornflower

Perhaps because we first watched the season with Matthias, cornflower, Basil and Constance, we were not able to get into this one quite as much. But, if you like Redwall generally, you probably will enjoy this. The bad guys are clearly bad guys, and there are elements of cruelty that may be too much for younger or more sensitive viewers. The good guys have a little more in the way of struggling to find the right path to deal with the bad guys, but generally they are clearly good guys. In short, there is not a ton of nuance in the good v. Bad. The ...

Brian Jacque's Redwall
Probably Redwall's greatest tale.

Sequels are always the best, Mattimeo is probably Redwall's greatest tale.An epic cross country chase, a coming of age story, unique and dark villains... Tim Curry as Slagar the Cruel. 5/5.

Brian Jacque's Redwall
Awesome Series!

Love this series and have been wanting to get the physical copy for a long time. This will do for the time being. If you've never seen any of the Redwall seasons, they are family friendly, have great plots (Thanks Brian Jacques), and don't have blood. Child friendly with a captivating story.