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Hand of God
4.8 (287 votes)

With KD under surveillance and the Brooks deal hanging by a thread, Pernell must juggle priorities and get his hands dirty in order to pass a psych evaluation, perform a public-record apology to the D.A., and keep incriminating evidence out of the hands of the San Vicente PD... All on the same day. Meanwhile, Crystal goes to great lengths to convince Jocelyn's lawyer Nick Tramble to drop the case, and Josh discovers that Jocelyn's grief has taken on a dangerous private ritual. At Hand of God, Alicia and Paul disagree on KD's presence as they prepare for an event to feed San Vicente's homeless.

  • Studio: Amazon Studios
  • Amazon rating: 4.8

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Reviews about Hand of God

Hand of God
Linda Little
Great Show

I agree, to an extent with another poster, Could not HAVE been better, however I do not agree with "could not OF been better.... uughGood show though. I love the acting.

Hand of God
Miguel Serralde
A must watch series

Great series. Keeps your attention all the way through with plenty of twists and turns.

Hand of God
Like a book you can't put down

I seen Ron perlman on the cover just browsing and since I haven't seen him in anything since SOA I decided to watch next thing I noticed I binge watched the whole first season and am thirsty for more

Hand of God
Ron Miller
Lots of Twists and Turns

I love this series. The only reason I subscribed to Amazon Prime. Extremely excited Linda Gray is joining the cast.

Hand of God
Five Stars

Thank God, finally Season 2 ! Will review after release.

Hand of God
Andy Solomons
SOA fans, Ron is back......Just as powerful crazy as ever.

Not since SOA has RP been so good.....looks like things are going to get dark and twisted, based on the preview for season 2.

Hand of God
Good show

Good show keeps you watching can't wait until season two

Film Threat
Phil Hall
Film Threat

An excess of Film School 101 artsy touches provide irrelevant visual shocks, although they are occasionally more interesting than the dismally dull old family films that turn up at odd moments.

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