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When you give a Mouse a cookie he'll probably ask for a glass of milk, and then....who knows what he'll ask for next? Follow the adventures of Mouse, Oliver, and other familiar friends as they discover that when you've got a curious Mouse for a friend (not to mention a Moose, a Pig, a Cat and a Dog) one thing always leads to another, then another, and then another! You never know what to expect, but you do know it's going to be fun--and maybe a little bit messy! Much like the books each episode starts in one place and leads to unexpectedly delightful twists and turns ...

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  • Amazon rating: 4.7

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Reviews about If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Hoping.. no begging... for variety

Dear God PLEASE keep & expand Give A Mouse A Cookie series. Because i cannot possibly survive watching this same episode another 100 times in a row O.o

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Amazon Customer
you're going to like it. If you like it

If your kids (or you) are a fan of this book, then you're going to want to watch this show. If you watch this show, you're going to like it. If you like it, you're going to look for more episodes. When you see there's only one episode so far, you're going to investigate how you can ensure more episodes are made. When you check into it, you're going to see that writing a review is a good idea. When you write the review, you're going to hope people read it, and you'll want to read others' reviews too. When you write and read reviews, that'll remind you that ...

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Amazon Customer
I see applesauce in my nightmares

Even as an adult I think this is cool but sweet mother of god if I have to watch this episode another 17 times in a row I'm gonna fall apart. PLEASE RELEASE MORE EPISODES

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
We love this show, please make more!!

We absolutely love this show! My three-year-old daughter has watched the pilot episode dozens of times and recently asked me why it's only one. It's hard to explain to a child but I think I did my best I told her that a lot of people have to really really like it and then they will make more. She told me that we need to tell you how much we like the show so you will make more. Please make more so we don't have to watch the applesauce episode multiple times a day. This is such a cute concept for a show because it goes hand-in-hand ...

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Krysta Best
My daughter's first love

If you give a mouse a cookie, your daughter will become addicted. And when your daughter becomes addicted, mom searches for a relatable TV show. Enter this 11 minute episode and the 42 minute Christmas movie which my daughter watches on repeat and it's all she asks for. For the last six months we've been watching and every day I wake up hoping there are new episodes for the sake of being sane. Please release more episodes. Or make it a movie.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Bonding time with your young one...

My daughter loved the book series so she wanted to see the movie and she absolutely loved it and wants to see more of it. It tells a story about a mouse and a boy doing all kinds of shopping for their neighborhood and they do it. It also teaches a lesson on helping others out sort of. Any as a mommy and daughter of a 7 year we both loved it. It is a great way to sit down and bond with your child if you watch it together. My husband did not watch it but he was told all about it.Yes I would recommend it to others.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Especially loved how all of Mouses friends we part of the ...

You have brought Mouse to life! If you could have only seen my 3 years old face light up when she saw this you would make many, many, many more episodes. Especially loved how all of Mouses friends we part of the show, as Moose was my daughters favorite part. I think this would encourage kids and parents to read the books as well and it will create a learning opportunity to connect the books with the series and further encourage imagination.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
L. M. Keefer
Fun Extension of Book

Fun extension of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book. The mouse and boy have adventures going shopping for some apple sauce, watching a parade and getting supplies for his friends: pig, dog and moose. The visuals look like the illustrations in the book. Children who like the book should enjoy this short film. 4.5 stars

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Spirit of Christmas

'When you give a mouse a cookie' is a well known series of books. Children love these books as do the adults who read them.Now we have a Christmas film that brings little mouse, his friend Oliver, and all the animals and human friends from the books.In this particular film, Oliver and friend, mouse, are looking forward to Christmas. Oliver has a part in the school's Christmas show, and he is very excited. However, something occurs that causes Oliver to go on a trek, and there is a worry he might miss the Christmas show.The other children and animals play their parts, and then they are waiting for Oliver, ...

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Linda J Williams
A good, cheerful movie for children

A good, cheerful movie for children. The illustrations are lovingly rendered; the voices were well matched to the characters. It will be a holiday favorite that children will want to see again and again. Charming with an encouraging message.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Mista C
Wonderful New Christmas Special

What a great new Christmas special to add to our collection. My eight year old daughter reads the "If you Give a Mouse..." books at school and we were both really excited when we saw this come up on Prime for free. It is very nicely animated, looked beautiful in 1080p and it's really mellow and calm, kind of like watching Curious George (which we also love). The story was engaging even for an adult, and we both really enjoyed watching it. Highly recommended for kids of all ages and parents alike. This will definitely be a Christmas staple for years to come!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Peter Reno
New Family Favorite !

If you go off the fact my family would watch this 6 times a day if we let them, then you could say this is an awesome cartoon. As an adult I have enjoyed watching it more than 40 times and now my wife & I talk in the voices of all the characters around the house. Not sure what that says about our sanity but at least everyone laughs. We are looking forward to all of the holiday versions of Mouse - Mouse gives a Valentine, Mouse finds the luck of the Irish, Mouse goes to the fireworks show, Mouse goes Trick or Treating!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Toddler mama
This movie is awesome - it's short and sweet

This movie is awesome - it's short and sweet! My 3.5 year old asks to watch it every day. Every. Single. Day. Unlike other movies, this one doesn't annoy me- I enjoy watching it with her. I would also like to add that we do not own these books so she loves this movie without knowing the books.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Heart-Warming Joyous Animated Movie for all to watch and enjoy!

I loved this animated holiday treat! I loved the animation and the story line and especially the poem spoken about mouse. This movie warmed my heart and made me smile and laugh! It truly increased my joy for my favorite time of year: Christmas! Mouse is so adorable!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If you read "If you give a mouse a cookie" to your 3 year old, he'll want to read every other book in the series. Once he's read every other book in the series 50 times, he'll want to watch "if you give a mouse a Christmas cookie". And chances are, if you let him watch "If you give a mouse a Christmas cookie", you might actually have 30 minutes to wrap Christmas presents all by yourself.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Happy Mom
If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie - 5 Stars!!!

This is such a great movie. My kids have watched repeatedly along with "Snowy Day". The lessons taught by these two shows go beyond just Christmas and Santa. It has taught my kids about listening, trying to make things right, and that stuff isn't what's important, but our kindness to others is more important than anything.

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