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Marvel Comics Spider-Man
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After being bitten by a radioactive spider, young Peter Parker finds that he now has spider-like super powers. Hoping to use his new-found abiilties for wealth and fame, he lets his ego blind him to the needs of others, and indirectly causes the death of his uncle Ben when he refuses to help a police officer catch a fleeing criminal. Humbled by his failure, he resolves to use his talents for fighting crime, and becomes the superhero Spider-Man. While he fights assorted super-villains, Peter also must balance his personal life, including his girlfriend Mary Jane, his job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, and a an editor who ...

  • Runtime: 21 min
  • Quality: HD
  • Studio: Marvel
  • Amazon rating: 4.5

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Reviews about Marvel Comics Spider-Man

Marvel Comics Spider-Man
Awesome cartoon. Vastly superior to the trashy ultimate spiderman ...

Awesome cartoon. Vastly superior to the trashy ultimate spiderman cartoon.

Marvel Comics Spider-Man
Vincent A Calleja
Five Stars

Love these old cartoons takes me back to my childhood

Marvel Comics Spider-Man
The Golden Rose
A classic, the DEFINITIVE animated Spider-Man experience

This is the ONLY place I have been able to find this long-forgotten but iconic 90's cartoon that isn't a pawn shop vhs/dvd bargain bin. I had to get it.For many kids who grew up in the 90's this was what got them turned on to Spider-Man in the first place, or at least it fueled their love for the character when they finished reading their comics. You might even be able to make the case that his current popularity is owed in large part to this show.The cartoon doesn't seem to show its age as much as other shows from its time except when they use the CG ...

Marvel Comics Spider-Man

Well really wanted this season bought it without know it's not the dvds and I can't even watch it because the city I live in don't have access to watch them, waste of money not happy with this buy at all

Marvel Comics Spider-Man
Not Bad

This is the first time Ive seen this version of Spiderman. It was alright. I could follow what was going on . Nichelle Nichols on screen time was too short.