Team Umizoomi is an American 2010 Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon TV show, involving preschool math concepts. Milli, Geo, Bot and the child who is watching the show uses their 'Mighty Math Powers!' to help in everyday problems. Team Umizoomi looks for problems in Umicity in Bot's Belly, Belly, Belly Screen! They live in Umicity. The show first aired in January 25, 2010. Milli is a measurement expert and has pattern powers. Geo uses shapes to build stuff that Team Umizoomi may need. Bot uses his Belly, Belly, Belly Screen to video call people who need help. This show is appropriate for young children and it teaches math. Team Umizoomi calls the viewer Umifriend and encourages the Umifriend to help them as they develop his/her Mighty Math Powers, just like Team Umizoomi.

  • Runtime 23 min
  • QualityHD



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Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car! - DVD Talk

July 3, 2015

DVD Talk

Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car!
DVD Talk
Typically, each episode revolves around a lost item from a local kid, and it's up to Team Umizoomi to scour the city and return the item in time. Case in point: these four episodes don't break from tradition once. In "Shark Car", our heroes help Jose ...

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Team Umizoomi to the Rescue for Jeff Gordon and the #24 - YouTube

September 27, 2012


Team Umizoomi to the Rescue for Jeff Gordon and the #24
Jeff Gordon stars in a new spot about math for Nickelodeon's hit animated preschool series, Team Umizoomi. In the spot, Gordon notices the wheels of his race car are triangles instead of circles. It's Team Umizoomi to the rescue as the three miniature ...

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