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The Collection
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A gripping family drama and entrepreneurial fable, set in a post-war Paris fashion house. It exposes the grit behind the glamour of a rising business, spearheaded by two clashing brothers. The atelier staff survived one war, but others loom; rivalries and romances pitting family against family, protégés against mentors, the past against the future.

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  • Amazon rating: 4.4

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The Collection
Mistress of The Dark Path
Fantastic new show!

This new series gripped me from the start. I'm not exactly a huge fan of fashion or shows where it is heavily involved, but I do love a good period drama where I can learn something new from history. The Collection does exactly that. It has an excellent cast, sumptuous settings, and a wardrobe that makes even a woman like me (who loves her jeans and t-shirts) long to put on a couture dress! The story moves along at a fairly fast pace with characters who have intriguing backgrounds and a stake in the game.I must admit my favorite character was Claude (Tom Riley, who also ...

The Collection
lucy minnow
Fascinating Drama set in 1947

When this drama appeared on my fire tv screen, I thought, well, I'll just watch a little bit of it, probably won't like it, find something else. The surprise, I couldn't stop watching it. The main character, Paul, is the epitome of an aspiring Frenchman after the end of WWII. He's mysterious, a little deceitful, well, may be more than a little, and his brother, no less. The mother is played by the fabulous actress, Frances LaTour, who is working hard at protecting and also forcing her sons to do what she wants while living the life she was deprived of in the past. ...

The Collection
Post War Couture at its Best

The Collection takes place in France after the war and it is such a fascinating and beautiful perspective on that interesting time in history--recovering from the war--both economically and psychically--attempting to break from the horrid wars years and create a new vision as expressed through fashion--very interesting! Lots of beautiful clothes and flawed characters. And I love France de la Tour! I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this series and hope to see a second season. Thank you Amazon!

The Collection
Episode 8 of The Collection

I like this show. A bit hard to follow at times, but it is well done. What hapoened to Episode8? When I started watching, I could have sworn that 8 episodes were listed. Then last night, I watched Episode 7 which just leaves one hanging and there seems to be no Episode 8 listed. I searched on the internet and read where an Episode 8 is available on Amazon in the UK. Does anyone know if there is one and when it is scheduled?

The Collection
Highly Recommend

Beautifully photographed and well acted. Rich period piece that reminds me somewhat of Mad Men. I'm not into fashion and find "fashion week" and such things utterly ridiculous, but this drama centers mostly on the family dynamics and the difficulty of navigating a post-war world. Most of the characters struggle with living on the cusp of a new post-war world and the promise of hope and prosperity, while struggling with mistakes of the past. Can you create a new future or are forever tied to the past. Very rich and nuanced. Highly recommend.

The Collection
Favorite This Year by Far!

Seemed like I just finished reading a good book, when I finished the last episode...and I look forward to more seasons! Well scripted.. beautiful costumes...well developed characters! Adult content as previously mentioned..but tastefully cut.

The Collection
J. Patt
All tease but no delivery

Polished but just endlrssly dances around a secret that is never disclosed. There is a point at which you cease to care what the secret may be. It could show up in season 2 but I won't be around to find out.

The Collection
Amazon Customer
Most glamorous series in years

Enthralling! This concoction of intrigue, betrayal, and sexual hi-jinks served up with a high fashion back-splash is the most glamorous series in years. It is also thought-provoking. For instance, fashion mannequin Nina accuses accuses the man who is forced to live a lie while his sibling takes the credit for his work of being a fraud because a young lady (with little encouragement) develops a crush. Claude, who really should have learnt more of the ways of the world by then, takes her self-serving accusations to heart and literally pisses on a man who has been thoroughly sweet to him because he dares to suggest role playing ...

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