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The Expanse
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A flashback to Julie's origin story reveals her trajectory. Holden and Miller finally meet and team up to get to the bottom of the strange emergency situation happening on Eros. As the true horror of the events on Eros is revealed, an ailing Holden and Miller must overcome incredible odds if they hope to live to fight another day. Part 1 of 2

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  • Amazon rating: 4.6

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The Expanse
Puck Daddy
Pretty good show. Give It a couple episodes to lay the groundwork. It's worth it.

Several years ago I stopped supporting the Syfy channel because they went the way of crappy, low budget and extremely cheesy "Sci fi" programming. They also went with reality tv and the WWE. Mind you this was after they had good series like the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Universe and other shows that were thought provoking and edgy. Meanwhile, people like me gravitated to TNT and NBC because they had interesting scifi type shows like Grimm, Falling Skies and Constantine.This show returns to those roots. It's dark, and is more than a simple bang em up Syfy show. It's a mystery & political drama in the sci-fi genre. ...

The Expanse
Mr misha
Great plot, graphics

Same old story in the future... the quest for money and power. Great plot, graphics, with just the right amount of twists and turns to keep you hanging on to every episode. Love this show. Keep it coming

The Expanse
K. McMahon
A great series I didn't know I was missing!

Great show I didn't know I was missing! I began binging Season 1 on Amazon Prime and can't believe I missed it in its first go round. This show is complicated, intriguing and thought provoking. It doesn't underestimate the audience . I loved how all the threads of the story began to come together as the series progresses and I'm looking forward to season 2.

The Expanse
W. Nicholls
Looking forward to watching the new season, no binging however

I enjoyed season 1 enough to buy season 2 via Amazon. As I recall when I got season 1 via Amazon, episodes became available after they aired on Syfi. First episode of season 2 aired tonight, but not seeing anything but the two previews so far. Amazon should be clear on the description how the streaming release works. My rating is for Amazon's marketing, not for the series. The first two episodes (or two parts of the first episode) showed up after the airtimes listed at Syfy. So it appears that that's the way the rest of the episodes will be released. Amazon should make that clear in item description.

The Expanse
Recommended unequivocally.

I can barely talk about this show without getting worked up into a state of geeky delight. I have never used the word "epic" to describe any media before, but I think it applies here. I would say having read the books probably heightens this reaction; but it's way more than that. I have read countless descriptions of rail guns in SF, but this is the first time I've seen one portrayed visually. So cool! Everything in the world they've built for this series, from transparent tablets with holographic displays, to the amazing battle-armor, to the spaceships and futuristic cityscapes, is gorgeous -- a joy to behold, with the ...

The Expanse
RN Douglas
Excellent with a good eye for accuracy in scientific basics ...

Excellent with a good eye for accuracy in scientific basics and little touches like the futuristic iPhone with the cracked body. Hard to believe a Calcutta like slum could exist on an orbital station. Some mystic stuff in the last scene.

The Expanse
Amazon Customer
Five Stars

Love it best writing for scifi (not syfy) since FireFly

The Expanse
Brian Falbo
The Kind of Science-Fiction I've Been Waiting For

I have been waiting for a show like The Expanse for a long time. I found out about the novels about a year before the show launched on SyFy, and finished them all before the first episode. I had (and still have) very high expectations for this adaptation to TV. They have done a truly amazing job.The casting is spot on so far, and Amos is quickly becoming one of my favorites. He was in the book, so it's no surprise. Of course, I love the interpretation of all of the characters, and seeing them interact and surprise me is truly a joy.This is a "hard" science-fiction story, meaning ...

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